Catalyst Overview

Catalyst — is an anonymous platform, based on blockchain distributed network, intended to make almost instant payments with extremely low commission fees.

It's a tool for building distributed applications.

The payment system is only one of many use cases it can be used for.

Catalyst was created by the community — for the community.

We do not recognize I.C.Os, Master Nodes, stacking and technical emission a.k.a. (premine).

Every participant of the consensus — has equal rights.

Developers and miners do not have any preferences or special treatment and are regular members of the collective.

The main goal of Catalyst is to create an infrastructure for Dapps (decentralized applications), in order to give independent and creative people a chance to adapt in a constantly changing world, and get back control of their privacy and security.

We don't have a central leadership, all the decisions regarding the project development are made exclusively by the community!

In our Discord channel, you can always find any help and friendly support, meet new like-minded friends and just spend some time with a lot of fun.

Catalyst is a non-profit open-source community! If you want to get involved in project's life, just PM us. We'll be very happy to have you on our team and will appreciate any help!